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Listen to the Songs

To listen to a sample of each of the songs in Friend or Foe, please click HERE. Note that these clips are from the pre-production rehearsal CD rather than the Original Cast Recording, and do not reflect the changes made for the Junior Edition of the show.

To hear the songs in full, go to our YouTube Playlist where videos of the full versions are available, as performed in the Premiere production in February 2014. See also the Video Clips page


New for 2016! The beautifully illustrated Friend or Foe Songbook features selected songs from the show, specially edited and arranged for voice and piano, with guitar chords. It comes complete with a backing track CD and the lyrics pages can be copied for educational use, making this a great resource for your school. The songs included in the Songbook are indicated with ^ in the list below.

Pages from the songbook

Song List

What Do We Need a War For? ^

Children, Parents

We Are Off ^


The Other Side ^


Allocation Boogie

Children, Mrs Ogden, Mrs Field

It's So Quiet / Darling Boy ^

David, Tucky, Mrs Carey, Children

Townies ^


The Plane

David, Tucky

Hunt Them Down *^


Foreign Soil *^

Tomas, Gurt

Trudging * / Townies Reprise

Home Guard, Villagers

This Country Life

Jerry, Anne, David, Tucky, Villagers, Children

River Song **

River Diva, River Sprites

The Decision ^

David and Tucky

Friend or Foe

David, Backing Singers

Talk to Me

Anne, Jerry, Tucky, Mrs Carey, Tomas, Gurt

This Land is Mine ***

Land Girls


David, Tucky, Land Girls, Home Guard, Villagers

Reflections *^


*Shortened for Junior Edition
**Optional in Junior Edition
***Not included in Junior Edition
^Edited version included in Songbook