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Lead Characters

David Carey (Treble)

A London boy, ten to twelve years old. David is an only child, grieving for his father who has recently been killed in action during the first year of the war. His mother is the only close family he has. David is quite self-contained, although he does talk to his friend Tucky. He has strong principles of right and wrong and comes to deeply respect Jerry and Anne Reynolds. When faced with the dilemma about being rescued by and helping the Germans, David is angry at the position he finds himself in, and battles with his conscience over what to do.

Tony Tucker (Tucky)

David's best friend
Tucky is a boy who sees the good in every situation. He is the same age as David. He comes from a large but poor family and has a volatile father. Moving to Devon is a fantastic experience for him as he has had little experience of the countryside or, perhaps, the love and care he receives from Jerry and Anne. When they meet the Germans, Tucky's sense of justice and intuition that these are good people immediately kicks in. He has total, perhaps naive faith in them and knows that to help is the right thing to do.

Jerry Reynolds (Baritone/Bass)

A farmer
In his mid-forties, Jerry has military experience, having fought in WWI in France where he met his wife Anne. Jerry is currently contributing to the war effort through his work on the farm, and is a member of the local home guard. He and Anne don't have children, although they have always wanted to, so when the boys come to stay with them, they welcome them with open arms. He is kind, generous and wise. He also has great patience and is prepared to try to understand the motives of the boys when they are not telling him the whole truth.

Anne Reynolds (Mezzo Soprano)

Jerry's French wife
Anne came over with Jerry from France after she lost her family during WWI. Because of this, she shares David's hatred of the Germans, although later in the story is surprised to find herself compassionate towards the injured German. Anne is a wonderful cook and keeps a welcoming and comfortable home. She loves having the boys to stay, and they soon become the children she never had.

Mrs Carey (Mezzo Soprano)

David's mother
Mrs Carey is a strong woman who is coping as best she can with the recent death of her husband and the evacuation of her only child.Instead of falling apart, she volunteers to help by moving to Brighton to operate Anti Aircraft guns. She does worry about her son and keeps in touch with him by letter, encouraging and supporting him, being careful not to trouble him with her own worries.

Tomas Schmidt (Tenor)

A German pilot
Tomas is stranded on the moor with Gurt, his co-pilot, when his bomber is brought down. A compassionate man caught up in the horrors of war, he risks being captured by saving David when he falls in the river. Tomas is idealistic and believes that even though the chances of escaping to Germany are incredibly slim, it is worth trying, and persuades the boys to help him. He is a faithful friend to Gurt, and only leaves him when Gurt persuades him that he is too sick to escape with him.


Supporting Characters

Miss Evers (Mezzo Soprano)

David and Tucky's young teacher, who seems to be permanently in a bad mood.

Alfie Porter

An evacuee
A boy from David and Tucky’s class. Totally disorganised.

Paul Browning (Treble)

An evacuee
The school bully from David and Tucky’s class.

Betty and Polly Dudley

Evacuees (twins)
Twin girls from David and Tucky’s class, who finish each other’s sentences.

Miss Roberts (Alto)

London headteacher
Head teacher of the boys' school in London. Miss Roberts is in charge of the evacuation and travels to Imberleigh along with the children.  She is kind and wise and tries to help them understand the nature of war and reassure the children on their journey.

Mrs Ogden (Soprano)

Middle aged woman
Mrs Ogden and Mrs Field are in charge of the allocation of evacuees at the village hall.

Mrs Field (Mezzo Soprano)

Middle aged woman
Mrs Ogden and Mrs Field are in charge of the allocation of evacuees at the village hall.

Mr Cooper (Baritone)

Village schoolmaster
The schoolmaster at the local school. Wise and relaxed in his manned, he puts the children at ease, countering the tense Miss Evers.

Captain Franks (Baritone)

Captain of the Home Guard
Franks is in charge of the home guard, and is business-like if rather officious.

Lieutenant Price (Baritone)

Lieutenant of the Home Guard
Snobbish and sulky, Price clearly dislikes the boys for what he sees from the beginning as time wasting.

Miss Williams

Operator of the local telephone exchange
Something of a busybody, Miss Williams helps spread the “invasion fever” by listening in on the telephone conversation between Captain Franks and the local army commander.

Gurt Weiss (Tenor)

German co-pilot
Gurt, the co-pilot of the German bomber, is seriously injured in the crash and soon develops exposure. He pretends not to speak English, but in the end, having been taken prisoner, Gurt breaks his silence to cover for the boys.


Other Characters

Land Girls

Harmony group
Land girls, singing in three parts, in Andrews Sisters type harmony.
Note that the Land Girls' song, "This Land is Mine", is omitted from the Junior Edition.

Evacuees and Village Children

Children's chorus
All children can initially play evacuees. After arriving in Devon, half the group need to switch to play village children.

Parents and Villagers

Adult chorus
Parents in London; villagers in Devon.

River Diva

Soul singer
Malevolent spirit of the river who tries to drown David in the psychedelic "River Song".
Note that "River Song" is optional in the Junior Edition.

River Sprites

Soul backing singers
Six girls with a range of voices, to sing in harmony.

Home Guard

Male chorus
8-12 men forming the local Home Guard, largely of non-fighting age.