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Production Details - Full Edition

The Full Edition of the show is written for a Y3-Y11 children’s cast, with or without supporting adults. It is ideal for schools, youth groups, and amateur groups with junior members.

Running Time

Total running time

1 hour 55 minutes




2 boys, 2 men, 2 women

Supporting parts

4 children, 4 men, 4 women


Children's chorus, adult chorus, backing singers



Music running time

1 hour 14 minutes


Piano, bass, guitar/keys 2, drums, trumpet, reed 1 (flute/soprano sax/alto sax) and reed 2 (clarinet/tenor sax/baritone sax)




Suitable for black box or conventional set


World War II



The Performance Licence Fee includes electronic copies of the piano-vocal score and script for the chosen edition, with permission to make printed and electronic copies as required in order to rehearse and perform the show on the licensed dates.

Please contact us for current prices.

If you're a school interested in the Junior Edition, please see the Education Price List for a full list of the available resources and costs for use in schools.


Available as a PDF Download

Vocal score

Available as a PDF Download

Orchestral parts

Available as a PDF Download

Premiere cast recording

Available as a CD or Download

Rehearsal Tracks

Available as a Download

Performance Backing Tracks

Available as a Download

Sound Effects for use in Performances

Available as a Download

Artwork for use in Publicity

Available as a Download